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If you're having any problems with your vehicle or just need your oil change, always know that you can count on Norms Hytech Auto to do a great job gauranted. Always keep a look out on The Breeze Magazine because we constantly have coupons on there. 



When you bring in you'r car to check the brakes, we make sure that we tell you if there is any problem with them. If you decide to get the brakes fixed we will make sure that you leave with a smile on your face and new brakes on your car. We install all kinds of brakes just let us know what kind you want when bringing in you;'r vehicle.



When you bring your car in for an oil change we dont only do that but also a 150 point check. The 15 point check consits of a new oil filter, Federated motor oil, Lube chassis, Check Transmisasion fluid, check differential fluid, check power steering fluid, check coolant level, check washer fluid level, check brake fluid level, inspect air filter, inspect cabin air filter, inspect wiper blades, inspect belts & hoses, inspect battery cables, battery check, and check tire's and tire pressure. ​​



If you need new tires dont hesitate to bring it in. We install, rotate, mount, & balance all kinds of tires. If you'r vehicle suspension is feeling a little stiff bring it in to get it checked and we will let you know the exact problem. If you wamt to lower your car or lift you'r truck bring it in we also install lowering kits or lift kits. If you just want to replace you'r old shocks for OEM shocks we also do that.

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