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If you're having any problems with your vehicle or just need your oil change, always know that you can count on Norms Hytech Auto to do a great job gauranted. We do almost about anything that you need repaired in your vehicle. You need new brakes, come on in. Need a new clutch, bring it in. If you feel that you'r car is running a little rough bring it in to get a diagnostic, and we will tell you exactly what the problem is. Always keep a look out on The Breeze Magazine because we constantly have coupons on there.



Think you need a new engine, come in and get it checked out before you spend hundreds on a new engine. We will check eberything to make sure you know what is the exact problem. Need a tune up? Come on in and get you'r vheicle running like new. 



Have a Hybrid? Bring it in to get the maintance done on it. Need a new battery? come on in to get a new battery. We work on all elctrical systems.



We inspect all radiator hoses, Inspect radiator for leaks, check coolant level, inspect heater hoses, inspect power steering hoses, check steering fluid levels, inspect front end and steering, inspect shocks and struts, inspect alignment, inspect front and rear brakes, check brake flud, inspect all lights, inspect wipers, check tires and tire pressure. 



Feeling your clutch a little spongy or does your clutch cause a burning sent, well this might be becasue you need a new lutch in the near future. Bring it on down to us at Norms Hytech Auto to get it fixed


A/C Service

(1) Do a system Function test. (2) Check system for obvious leaks. (3) Check system for noisy compressor (4) Vacuum system to hold for 20 MIN. (5) Recharge system.

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